Posted by: sarahjanedoohan | April 19, 2010

Will We Have Jobs In Heaven? Are Occupations Possible?

Not only will we be worshiping God in heaven, but we will be serving Him as well in whatever capacity He has in mind.  It’s very possible some of these things be hobbies you enjoy here on earth and where your talents and interest lie in. You very well might be doing that in heaven as a service to the Lord.  In the Millennium some saints will be serving the Lord in judging the people and angels on Jesus’ earthly kingdom (2 Timothy 2:12 & 1 Cor 6:2-3).

Funny how we don’t often think of these things as it’s hard to imagine.  We are so caught up in the here and now, that thinking on future things like this are mind boggling.  How often do we contemplate Heaven?  Do you quickly picture clouds and sunny days?  I think it’s going to be far more than us just taking in Heaven’s breathtaking beauty and worshiping God the entire time.  He designed Heaven as a reward and life with Him.  It’s going to be amazing, so I started thinking about the moments in life that bring me the most peace and happiness.

For myself there is nothing better then being outdoors reading a book.  Feeling the fresh breeze and warm sun on my face.   I get caught up in the sounds of nature and often prefer their quiet sounds to anything men can create in a studio.  God has had a lot of time to prepare our home and he pays such close attention to details.  Just look at His creation.

As of right now when people pass away they are taken up into the 3rd Heaven.  It’s somewhere beyond where the eye can see and hard to envision at this point.  We know that it is beautiful from what John describes in the book of his revelations.   God leaves so much untold about Heaven because He wants to reward us when we are called home.

Someday there is going to be a new Heaven and Earth where we will be spending eternity.  After the Millennium God will be bringing down The New Jerusalem out of the 3rd Heaven (Revelation 21).  The old world will have passed away and the saints will all join together forever.  There is unending joy and peace for God’s children.  There will always be things to keep us busy.  We can speculate of course as there probably isn’t harm in that.

We are all uniquely made and will find fulfillment in different activities.  Our creativity and minds will be kept busy in multiple ways.  The possibilities are endless if we contemplate all of different avenues we could serve the Lord in.  Some people love working with their hands…wood working, pottery, art, etc.  Others prefer to work with their minds…writing, reading, engineers etc.  Our Father knows each one of our hearts and minds.   Maybe our variety of individual hobbies will somehow become our life’s work.  Our ultimate dreams will be made in Heaven and we will be full of love for our Father and one another.

Revelation 22:3 No longer will there be any curse. The throne of God and of the Lamb will be in the city, and his servants will serve him.


  1. I think heaven will be a place where everything works out right according to God’s will. It takes workers to make that happen. I love to write. I’m busy perfecting my craft and I hope to write those books you want to read in Heaven.

    • Yes He really knows what we enjoy and gravitate towards…you like writing, and I like reading. Think about a vacation and all the sights we see and experience. Individual vacations waver from person to person and really that’s what we have in store. A real paradise designed for us to enjoy all by the hand of our loving Father.
      If I’m being completely honest to what I’m most looking forward to it is being reunited with my beloved pets. God gave me for a short time these blessings that became another extension of myself. God knows my heart and how it continues to mourn them. My hope and prayer is that we will be together again someday…forever.

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