Posted by: sarahjanedoohan | June 26, 2012

My Personal Angelic Experience (6 yrs ago)

Psalm 34:18  The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

In a very difficult time in my life I was suffering from grief.  I knew that with grieving you have to go through it, not over nor under it.  I had lost a beloved pet after a long ordeal trying to prolong his life.  His end was very unpleasant and traumatic.  Jack was before my children and I doted on him for 8 years.  My attachment to him was extremely close that it truly felt like a family member had passed away.   A lot of people had no idea of the utter despair and helplessness I felt at losing my pet.  I felt embarrassed at the degree of my sadness because I hadn’t grieved like this for the passing of other extended family members.  Adopted animals truly do become a part of your family.

With 3 days of crying both night and day the tears continued to fall beyond my control.  What was wrong with me?  I needed to get back to work but just couldn’t stop feeling such utter sadness.  The curtains were drawn and I sat there so pathetic in what I would call the lowest moment of my life.

Never had I experienced anything so heartbreaking.  Distraught would be the best word description for the emotional state I was in.   Gut wrenching sobs continued to come out of me that I never even heard knocking at my locked front door.  I had started to pray out loud over and over “It’s too much…God,  please help me!”  As hard as this is to describe exactly, the pain lifted finally and the tears abruptly stopped falling.  I keenly knew that I was not alone in the room any longer.  I looked around my living room not seeing anything, but feeling…peace in the dawning realization that I would see my pet again someday in Heaven.  Why hadn’t I thought of that before this point?  The comfort was immediate and I felt relief and hope that someday we would be reunited.  I truly believe that the angel that was there to ease my suffering put this knowledge in my heart.

Nothing else could have lifted this sadness so abruptly from my heart other than God’s intervention with His ministering angel.  A moment later I heard knocking on my back patio doors and glanced up.  It was my mother in law Ruth Doohan standing outside waiting for me to respond to her knocking.  She had a bouquet of flowers in her arms and a lovely card.  This was an unexpected visit as she lives 90 mins away and generally calls first.  As Ruth came in she busied herself letting fresh air in and opening up the curtains.  Her quiet concern for my well being was beyond touching.  After not talking for 3 days and avoiding leaving my home, I felt the need to talk.  God gave me 8 wonderful years with a beloved pet.  He also blessed me with an amazing mother in law….14 years today.  I feel so grateful to God for these blessings and special moments He has placed in my life.

Hebrews 11:1  Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.


  1. What I see in this article Sarah, is that in your terrible time of grief, when you called out to God, he heard your prayer and answered using me to comfort you in ways you could see and feel. However, perhaps what you didn’t know was that I was praying for you too, all along.
    God is good and He does want to be the first one we call on.
    “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

  2. Sarah,just read your blog and it touched my heart.God is so good and always is there for us.You are so blessed to have such a wonderful Mother in law and for myself I am blessed for such a great sister in law—she sure is one of the angels here on earth

  3. Thank you Ruth and Judy! Thank you Ruth for praying for me in my time of need. You’ve always been a prayer warrior :) I’ve done a lot of research following this experience, and am sure of what I felt in that moment…the absolute certainty of God’s understanding and compassion. I didn’t need to see anything to know I was no longer alone in the living room….truly. For a few precious moments I felt profound love pouring into me from my Father. I had only shared of this experience with Patrick and my mother as it was a time in my life I would rather let go of. We all have different levels of beliefs.

    Just a wanted to share a section in Dr. David Jeremiah’s book “Angels”…he quotes both the Bible and John Calvin.

    “But why would God create these troops of heavenly messengers when he certainly doesn’t need them? As Calvin says, ‘ “Whenever he pleases, he passes them by, and preforms his own work by a single nod.” ‘
    So Calvin comes to this conclusion: In creating angels, God must have had our interest in mind. God employs angels simply as “a help to our weakness,” in order to elevate our hopes or strengthen our confidence.”
    Calvin admits that God’s offer of his own personal protection ought to be enough for us. He says it’s “improper” for us “still to look round for help.” He adds, however, that if God in his “infinite goodness and indulgence” chooses to provide angels for our weakness, “it would ill become us to overlook the favor.”
    His conclusion reflects the teaching of Hebrews 1:14, a verse we keep coming back to: Angels are “ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation.” Angels are here for us.”

  4. I’m with John Calvin as usual. I believe that there are ministering angels sent for our protection and to minister to our needs when necessary. As far as your comment, Sarah, about the “wesleyan doctrines”, I don’t call myself wesleyan or baptist but a born-again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. There are saved and lost in both these denominations. I still hold to the Doctrines of Grace because my God is Sovereign and He will do what He wills. I personally believe that He may use angels if He so chooses. Sometimes he uses people to help us and definitely praying people have so much power in our lives. The Word of God is our main focus and the Holy Spirit taking the Word and guiding us each day is a mercy from our Holy God. We are not left comfortless. God bless. Keep up the good work as I love your writings.

  5. Charlene,I agree with you .God is Sovereign,how wonderful to know that He is in control and we can do nothing on our own.I am so thankful that there is nothing I can do to seperate me from the love of God.That is what Sovereign is all about,when we start thinking we can do something we are on the wrong track for sure

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